What does POD stand for? It stands for Point Of Difference.  Traditional property management firms offer a model that is built around traditional ways of working.  

POD Management is different, and it is proud to be different.  We understand what our customers want and how they want to be dealt with.

We are unique in the sector because we want to excel at customer service. By using innovative technology, making processes simple and employing experienced and motivated staff, we make property management an easy experience for our customers.

Our mission is simple: be better than the rest and never stop in the pursuit of excellence.

POD Management was born out of a desire to build a firm where customers are valued and access to information is easy.

The traditional property management model is to assign customer with a single point of contact who is expected to be their relationship manager, property manager, facilities manager, compliance manager and administration resource. Quite a skill set for one person to have and one which they only use during traditional working hours.