Spire Ventures is a sector-focused investor, and it is the firm’s knowledge, networks, and track record in the real estate sector has enabled it to attract the best talent and add real value across its portfolio & investments.


 We believe entrepreneurs need multiple coaches. For each of our portfolio companies, we assemble a team of all-star advisors, NEDs, and Board Directors who act as mentors and coaches for the entrepreneurs and management teams we invest in. 



James is one of the UK’s most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs.

His business ethos is defined by the

concept of partnership,  collaboration and the importance of human capital, which he applies to Spire Ventures by encouraging the establishment of strategic partnerships and selection of

exemplary team members.



David Newnes has been with LSL PLC since its formation and was part of the founder MBO team from 2004, two years later, David and team floated LSL Property Services PLC on FTSE.

David was appointed to the PLC Board with overall responsibility for the performance, strategy and development of the 500+ branches across LSL.



Neeral is known for his vast experience in Real Estate operations and investment

management, most notably Neeral is ex- COO of Blackrock, with a career spanning twenty years with the real estate powerhouse.


Neeral is vastly experienced in Real Estate operations, business development, operational processes, risk management

and management development.

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